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Priority Programme “Tailored Disorder – A Science- and Engineering-Based Approach to Materials Design for Advanced Photonic Applications” (SPP 1839)

Mittwoch 7. März 2018

Deadline: 7. März 2018

The Priority Programme aims at the investigation of photonic properties of materials with deliberately introduced and controlled structural and/or compositional disorder from a fundamental scientific perspective. Recent developments in this emerging research field showed that breaking periodicity opens fabrication routes for novel materials and devices with desired, unusual and unforeseen optical properties.
The Priority Programme’s final goal is to comprehend, artificially design and fabricate a novel class of advanced photonic materials and custom-made devices for a variety of applications, the performance of which is related to tailored disorder within 2-D/3-D architectures.
If you have not yet registered, please note that you must do so by 21 February 2018.

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