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Priority Programme “Materials for Additive Manufacturing” (SPP 2122)

Mittwoch 28. Februar 2018

Deadline: 28. Februar 2018

In this Priority Programme, research will be carried out on materials for laser-based 3D additive manufacturing, which show a high need for improvement. These are limited to polymer and metal micropowders and their chemical as well as metallurgical and additive-based modifications. The Priority Programme also aims at addressing scientific questions and concepts bridging the two materials classes of polymers and metals. Exemplary scientific challenges are:

  • Specific adaptation of materials parameters like absorption coefficients for infrared and visible lasers, glass transition and crystallisation temperatures as well as crystallisation kinetics and enthalpy of powders to improve the laser-based additive manufacturing process.
  • Development of (salable) powder synthesis processes, aiming at an optimised crystallisation-melting-window or additive dispersion while providing spherical and size-controlled powders, including improved polymer chain mobility, kinetic control of melting and resolidification, or defined alloy recrystallisation.
  • Significant extension of the property profiles of laser-based additive manufacturing parts by new and improved materials with e.g. adapted meltability, flowability as well as wetting behaviour.
  • Improved understanding of the melting and sintering dynamics by in-situ process monitoring as well as analytical and theoretical methods.
  • Improved understanding of the relationship between materials structure and processability on different length scales, e.g. via modelling and simulation.

The programme is designed to run for six years. The present call invites proposals for the first three-year funding period.

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