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Priority Programme “Cyber-Physical Networking (CPN)” (SPP 1914)

Mittwoch 3. April 2019

Deadline: 3. April 2019

The goal of the Priority Programme is to develop the theoretical and architectural basis for the paradigmatic change from throughput- to real-time-oriented communication for networked control systems. In order to meet the requirements of cyber-physical applications a tight (horizontal and vertical) integration of all communication, control and system components is needed to fully exploit their individual elasticity and mutual adjustment potential. Ultimately, this requires joint communication, control and systems design methodologies. The Priority Programme aims at developing system-wide concepts and theories of modelling, analysis, coordination, and optimisation of the communication system and its components for networked control systems and real-time sensitive applications. It requires a novel unified consideration of models and methods from communication networks and systems, control, and information theory.

The research within this Priority Programme is expected to cover the following areas:
1) Understanding the fundamental trade-offs between communication and control system
2) Design methods for horizontal/vertical coordination and control, surpassing the limitations of todays abstraction
The present call invites proposals for the second three-year funding period.

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