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Prof. Dr. Enzo Weber

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+49 941 943-1952
+49 941 943-4917
RW (L) 513

Mo 15-16

Research field within the Alliance ("Themenverbund")

Our interest in the research group comprises the intersections of econometric methodology, empirical macroeconomics, quantitative analysis of financial markets and application to real estate markets. These areas offer attractive topics and synergies. For instance, financial and macroeconometrics depend on appropriate methods from time series analysis. The development of such methods is often initiated by new subject-matter problems. Furthermore, econometric modelling and interpretation of statistical results require clear connections to economic theory. An important example is given by the recent real estate, financial and real economic crisis. Obviously, the different crisis names reveal the potential of research in the intersections of the mentioned areas. Concerning crisis propagation, interest focuses on analysing market interdependencies. In terms of financial econometrics this brings identification of causal effects and modelling of market volatility to the fore. Closely connected research fields are the formation of risk premia and the behaviour of liquidity flows. Concrete applications to real estate markets are planned in the following directions: First, the interaction of different funds, segments and such. Here, incidence and characteristics of contagion impacts are central, above all under the aspect of suitable policies for preventing and managing further crises. Second, interaction of real estate sector, money markets and real macroeconomy. A highly topical area lies in the role of expansive interest rate policy for the development of real estate prices and its repercussions on money and capital markets. Regarding private agents, results serving the improvement of liquidity and portfolio management shall be uncovered.

Short biography

Stefanie Huber: http://www-wiwi.uni-regensburg.de/Personen/Stefanie-Birgit-Huber.html.en

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Enzo Weber: http://www.iab.de/754/section.aspx/Mitarbeiter/56703

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