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Prof. Dr. Martin Wentz

Office Hours:

by appointment


Research field within the Alliance ("Themenverbund")

Subject of the Honorary Chair for Urban Development is investigating the development of cities, their risks and opportunities in the public and private planning processes. Also the analysis of the stakeholders, interests and interactions take centre stage. The political and economic contexts of urban planning are taken into special consideration.

Within the alliance there are interfaces to the fields of spatial planning, urban economics, real estate development, architecture, land use strategy, urban sociology as well as planning and building law.

Research topics of the Honorary Chair of Urban Development are for example strategic approaches to urban development, socio-political approaches to urban planning, new forms of urban governance, a shift in the inner cities and sub-centers and the future of the city.

Short biography

Born in 1945. 1970 completed the studies of physics with a diploma degree, 1974 received the PhD (Dr. phil. nat.) at the Institute of Applied Physics. In 1989 elected City Councilor - Head of the Department for Urban Planning. Founder of the `Wentz Concept Projektstrategie GmbH` and editor to numerous publications on the topics of town planning, urban developments and regional planning, including the serie `The Future of Urbanity`, Campus-Verlag.

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Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kühling, LL.M.