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Prof. Dr. Stephan Bone-Winkel

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Research field within the Alliance ("Themenverbund")

The teaching and research approach for real estate development in Regensburg covers the interdisciplinary management of planning and construction orientated value creating processes in a real estate’s life-cycle. These include the components acquisition, use-concept and feasibility analysis, creating building permit, finding equity and debt, marketing and leasing, project management and property desinvestment.

In the Themenverbund context there are interfaces in the areas of project financing, investment and portfoliomanagement, real estate asset management as well as in architecture, urban development, organizationaldevelopment, sociology, planning and construction law.

Current research topics of the Honorary Professorship of Real Estate Development are e.g. sustainability in real estate portfolios, revitalization and financing of real estate assets, the management of corporate real estate, new instruments of feasibility analysis and the performance of office properties.

Short biography

Dr. Stephan Bone-Winkel was born in 1965. He graduated from the University of Cologne, Germany with a degree in business administration. From 1990 to 1993 Dr. Bone-Winkle held a research assistant position at the European Business School (ebs), where he also earned his PHD. Until 1996 he acted as managing director of the ebs real estate academy, and built up the Berlin subsidiary. After having worked at Deutsche Bank AG as property developer, he co-founded BEOS-GmbH in Berlin 1997 an has been working as managing director since then. From 2003 to 2006 he was appointed to the endowed chair of Real Estate Development at the European Business School and is now honorary professor for Real Estate Development at the University of Regensburg, International Real Estate Businss School.

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