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Prof. Dr. Susanne Leist

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Gebäude Wirtschaftsinformatik Raum 007

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Research field within the Alliance ("Themenverbund")

Essentially, our research interest focuses the question how processes in networks in real estate markets have to be designed to ensure that an efficient and effective cooperation between the participants involved, including the customer, is possible. It is thus the aim of our research to develop and evaluate reference processes for real estate markets. In this context, we also focus further relevant research questions and address several areas of research including business informatics. The modeling language has to be adapted to comply with the requirements of the application context and to allow for the representation of, for instance, important points in time. Likewise we face the challenge of analyzing evaluation methods to be able to use the one that matches the application context.

The development and design of efficient and effective business processes for companies and company networks is a core research area of our chair. The chair members have thus extensive experiences in modeling business processes for companies in the financial services and energy sectors. In addition, numerous works have been published dealing also with the theoretical background (modeling language, quality of processes, development of collaborative processes).

With developing reference process models we do not only address topics from business informatics, but with simulating and analyzing new forms of collaboration in real estate markets both legal and economic questions are raised as well. The interest in institutionalizing the envisaged interdisciplinary alliance aims at creating a forum enhance the exchange between the disciplines so that questions occurring at the intersections of theses disciplines are identified and can be dealt with. This will not only be done by concentrating on interdisciplinary research projects but also by jointly supervising dissertations and Bachelor/Master theses.

Short biography

Susanne Leist took over the chair for Business Informatics, particularly Business Engineering, at the University of Regensburg in December 2004. Prior to her call she worked in several research and business projects and taught at Universities in Germany and Switzerland (Europa-University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder), University of St. Gallen/Switzerland, Goethe University Frankfurt/Main). Her main research and teaching fields include methods and techniques in Business Engineering especially Process and Quality Management, Method Engineering and Information Systems in the finance business. She is the spokeswoman of the section "Information Systems in the Financial Management" of the Gesellschaft für Informatik, an associate of the Virtual Global University and a member of the Editorial Boards of both the quartely magazine `BIT Banking and Information Technology` and the research magazine of the University of Regensburg, “Blick in die Wissenschaft”. She acts as a reviewer in several international committees.

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