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Hier finden Sie alle aktuellen Veranstaltung und die derzeit laufenden Workshop-Ausschreibungen des WIN. 

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From Career Planning to Wayfinding: Design Your Way Forward

Donnerstag 28. April 2022

This workshop is designed to give doctoral candidates and academic professionals the space, insights and tools to move forward in their life and career by aligning future goals with present needs. Drawing on the latest research on creativity and career innovation, we will explore what is holding you back and identify your unique skills, strengths, and values. You will gain the tools you need to move into action quickly and with purpose.

The workshop is highly participatory and blends group and individual exercises with inputs from relevant social scientific and psychological research findings. We will deal with big picture questions, such as:

  • What do you value? • What are your strengths?
  • What do you want to grow into?
  • How can you find and align with your purpose?
  • How can you develop your wayfinding skills?
  • What can you concretely do to test your ideas and get moving forward quickly?

You will learn how to

  • figure out where you are (strengths and skills), what drives you (values and purpose) and how you can get better at using these two “points of orientation” to figure out your next steps.
  • apply Design Thinking (and other innovation techniques) to come up with multiple creative career options. You will draft at least three plans for the next five years
  • brainstorm and quickly test ideas for your future
  • cultivate a mindset that will help you succeed (however you define success), build resilience and find joy.
  • tell your story and connect with others in an authentic and effective way (and thereby create the conditions favourable to finding a job or internship).
  • get better at making decisions
  • open up space for new solutions and new perspectives
  • break out of your habitual (and sometimes limiting) ways of thinking and come up with multiple creative options for your future.

What will it be like?
(please read carefully before you sign up)

  • This workshop is fast-fast-paced, energetic and playful. Our emphasis is on learning by doing and discovering through interaction. Inputs will be kept short. This is not a lecture-style seminar.
  • Given the topic of the workshop, we will touch on personal themes in a safe space. For instance, you will share three drafts of your future with your peers and elicit feedback. In order to get the most out of the workshop, you should feel comfortable sharing personal stories and feelings.
  • The aim of this workshop is to equip you with the tools you need to creatively design your future. We will not work with traditional assessment tools. Instead, we will work with open-ended, creative, and interactive techniques to access information on your strengths, skills and interests.
  • You will be asked to complete a short (30-60 min) assignment before the workshop as well as a short homework assignment (30-60 min) between the sessions.


Dr. Djahane Banoo is the founder of Align Coaching. She specializes in helping students and academic professionals maximize their learning and achieve success. She draws on insights from Design Thinking, Positive Psychology and Sociology in her work as a coach and trainer.


Since the number of participants for this workshop is limited, we ask you to provide information about your connection to the Universität Regensburg and a short paragraph about your motivation for the course when registering. The registration form, in which you can simply enter this information, can be found on GRIPS and can also be deposited there.

Applications via GRIPS until 28.04.2022


Thu, May 12 & 19, 2022, each 9:00 to 12:30, online
Application via GRIPS until 28.04.2022


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