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Quick on Your Feet! Spontaneous Speaking Practice

Sonntag 12. Juni 2022

This online workshop helps doctoral candidates and postdocs to develop spontaneous communication skills in professional contexts such as interviews, presentations as well as small-talk situations (networking). Furthermore, the workshop offers the opportunity to enhance overall effective communication (verbal and non-verbal). Trainer input will provide the opportunity to gain new insights in effective gender specific communication and learn how to present yourself more effectively and to make the best impression and strongest impact.

Throughout the workshop, participants will be guided through interactive exercises to improve their body language, as well as focus on the quality of their language content and structure of their ideas. Partner and small group work offer dynamic interaction and valuable, individual feedback.


Julie Stearns is a professional trainer and coach (DGfC), as well as a theater director and actress, and university lecturer. She has over 20 years of experience as a freelance director and actress in schools, universities, theaters, and organizations in America and Germany.


Since the number of participants for this workshop is limited, we ask you to provide information about your connection to the Universität Regensburg and a short paragraph about your motivation for the course when registering. The registration form, in which you can simply enter this information, can be found on GRIPS and can also be deposited there.

Application via GRIPS until 12.06.2022 (deadline)


Mo 27.06.2022, 9:00 - 16:30, online
Application via GRIPS until 12.06.2022


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