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How to Get into the German Job Market! - A Workshop for International Post-Docs and Doctoral Candidates

Mittwoch 05. Juni 2024

For PhD-holders with an international background, it can be a real challenge to get into the German job market at the end of a doctoral or post-doc position.

The entry routes into jobs are not always transparent, candidates are often not well-informed about what to expect in the application process beyond academia and not everyone can offer German language skills. Where and how you can look for a job outside classic academia depends on your qualifications and skills set, on your individual life situation as well as on knowing about possible entry paths, the (unwritten) rules of the game and other additional parameters.

This workshop offers assistance with this and will encourage participants not just to prepare for this transition in a focused way but will actually get them eager and equipped with the needed tools and the right mind-set to create an action plan which they can start to implement straight after the workshop.

Your lecturer: Dr. Philippa Cook

Application via GRIPS until 05 June 2024


Presence Workshop in English
on 13.06.2024 and 14.06.2024, 9-16, room: SG 4.16
Deadline for applications (via GRIPS): 09.06.2024


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