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Hier finden Sie alle aktuellen Veranstaltung und die derzeit laufenden Workshop-Ausschreibungen des WIN. 

Academic Writing

Freitag 28. Mai 2021

Learning outcomes

After the workshop, the participants

  • know important characteristics of academic language in their field
  • understand the macro-, meso und microstructure of typical academic genres
  • are familiar with strategies to improve the style of their writing
  • can select and apply tools and strategies to prevent and overcome difficulties in the writing process

Training outline

  • Characteristics of academic language in your field
  • Structuring your writing: the macro, the meso and the micro
  • The elements of good style
  • The writing process and writing strategies
  • Overcoming difficulties in the writing process
  • Writing as a tool for thinking

Teaching methods

Interactive teaching dialogue, small group work, methods of exploratory and reflective writing

Remarks: The participants are asked

  • to bring with them an academic text of any length by an author of their discipline (other than themselves) that they consider both typical and well written

  • to send in a piece of their own academic writing (any length) about one week before the workshop. Examples from the participant’s texts will be used in the training session.

Coach: Dzifa Vode

Writing center director at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology, graduate translator (Munich University of Applied Sciences), master’s degree in adult education (Technical University of Kaiserslautern), writer’s coach, trainer for academic writing.


Since the number of participants for this workshop is limited, we ask you to submit a short CV including your doctoral or postdoc project (up to 1 DinA4 page). Please add the  academic text of your disciplin and a piece of your own writing as well. You can upload these documents after your registration via GRIPS. A full description on how and where to upload your application is available on the course page once you’ve registered.

Application via GRIPS from 26.04.2021 until 28.05.2021 (deadline)


Thu, 10.06.2021, 9:00 - 17:00, online

Application via GRIPS 28.05.2021 (deadline)


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