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Hier finden Sie alle aktuellen Veranstaltung und die derzeit laufenden Workshop-Ausschreibungen des WIN. 

Career Networking

Mittwoch 12. Mai 2021

Networking is an activity by which people meet to form relationships and to recognize, create, or act upon opportunities, share information and seek potential partners, usually in an informal social setting (Österle et al. 2001). Building a professional network has never been more important. People work with people they know, trust and like. Early career researchers do not only become successful because of what they know, but also because of who they know. In addition, everybody can learn from and draw on the expertise and experience of the people in one’s network.

While there are many benefits of networking, many early career researchers are feeling rather uncomfortable to engage in it, for various reasons: some might be anxious to appear egoistic or to be rejected, while others might think of themselves as not having the required communicative ease. Yet often young academics have a lot to offer and foreclose opportunities by either not informing about themselves and their interests or not sharing what could actually be of great benefit for others.

You will learn to

  • understand the benefits of networking,
  • analyse your current professional network,
  • define networking goals,
  • plan a path towards achieving your networking goals,
  • make introductions in the right manner,
  • how to ask for referrals,
  • connect people,
  • use emails as an effective networking tool.


The methods used in the workshop are highly interactive and participant driven. They combine personal work, experiential learning exercises, dialogue, facilitated work in groups of varying size, co-creation, and reflection. We create a uniquely open and trustful atmosphere in our workshops, where participants are encouraged to openly share their experiences, to learn from each other, and to support each other in a benevolent manner.

Learning proceeds on three levels: (1) We provide a theoretical overview. (2) Participants go through powerful experiences in individual and group exercises, which are discussed and debriefed together in a safe environment. (3) Finally, by reflecting together, participants draw lessons from the interaction process in the class, increasing selfawareness and learning about good practices.

Participants are encouraged to bring and share their own knowledge and experience. At the begininig of the workshop, we create a trustful and supportive atmosphere, in which participants will feel safe and comfortable to contribute what they already know about the subject. At the end of the workshop, participants will design individual work plans to implement what they have learned and to keep developing their skills in the time after the event.

Please note: Participants will be requested to do app. 2 hours of preparatory work.

Coach: Nicole Scherf, LEAD TO TRUST

Nicole Scherf is an Executive Coach and trainer for leadership development and negotiation. As a former partner of a leading European executive search firm, she knows the opportunities and challenges that many academics have when entering the job market. She has personally advised and coached numerous high potentials when changing their careers. After an Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for change management at INSEAD Business School, she has worked for more than ten years with teams in international organizations in the corporate and consulting worlds.


Since the number of participants for this workshop is limited, we ask you to submit a short letter of motivation (1 DinA4 page) and a short CV including your doctoral or postdoc project (up to 1 DinA4 page). You can upload these documents after your registration via GRIPS. A full description on how and where to upload your application is available on the course page once you’ve registered.

Application via GRIPS from 26.04.2021 until 12.05.2021 (deadline)


Tue 01.06.2021, 9:00 - 17:00, online
Application via GRIPS, Deadline: 12.05.2021


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