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Anna Nickl



  • 2018 Master of Science in Psychology, Regensburg University

Professional Experience

  • since 2019 Research Assistant at Psychology Department

       (Head: K.-H. T. Bäuml, Regensburg University)


Winter Term 2023/24

  • Practical Course (Master): Data Acquisition Techniques

Summer Term 2023

  • Seminar (Bachelor): Retrieval Practice enhances new learning - can elaborative studying simulate this effect?



  • Nickl, A. T. & Bäuml, K.-H. T. (in press). Retrieval practice reduces relative forgetting over time. Memory.
  • Nickl, A. T. & Bäuml, K.-H. T. (in press). To-be-forgotten information shows more relative forgetting over time than to-be-remembered information.
    Psychonomic Bulletin & Review.
    view full text as pdf
  • Abel, M., Nickl, A. T., Reßle, A., Unger, C., & Bäuml, K.-H. T. (in press). The role of sleep for memory consolidation: Does sleep protect memories from retroactive interference? Psychonomic Bulletin & Review. view full text as pdf
  • Wallner, L., Nickl, A., & Bäuml, K.-H. T. (2022). When study capacities are limited and deadline is fixed – How practice type and practice timing influence recall of practiced and unpracticed material. Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, 11, 545–553. view full text as pdf

  1. Fakultät für Humanwissenschaften
  2. Institut für Psychologie

Anna Nickl

Regensburg University
Psychology Department
Universitätsstraße 31
93053 Regensburg, Germany


Office: PT, Room 4.1.45
Phone 0941 943-3839
Fax     0941 943-3872


Office hour: Tue 11-12