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Faculty Direction

At the Faculty Council meeting on April 27, 2022, Professor Dr. Christian Wolff (Chair of Media Informatics) was elected Dean of the Faculty of Informatics and Data Science. For more information on the election of the dean, please see the corresponding press release.


Prof. Dr. Christian Wolff

Bulding PT, Room 3.0.60
Telephone +49 941 943-3386
E-Mail christian.wolff@ur.de


Associate Dean

Prof. Dr. Bernd Heinrich

Building VG, Room 3.37
Telephone +49 941 943-6101
E-Mail Bernd.Heinrich@ur.de


Dean of Studies

Prof. Dr. Juliane Krämer

Building Bajuwarenstraße 4, Room 615
Telephone +49 941 943-68601
E-Mail Juliane.Kraemer@ur.de


Dean of Research

Prof. Dr. Meike Klettke

Building Bajuwarenstraße 4, Room 625
Telephone +49 941 943-68625
E-Mail Meike.Klettke@ur.de


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Informatics and Data Science