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Faculty Administration

Faculty Management
Faculty Management

Konrad Hoffmann

Building FIDS, Room V527
Telephone +49 941 943-68501
E-Mail konrad.hoffmann@ur.de

Secretary's Office

Christina Schneider

Building FIDS, Room V529

Telephone +49 941 943-68503
E-Mail dekanat.informatik@ur.de


  • Sickness and health notifications
  • Business trip requests
  • General questions and correspondence

Staff of Faculty Administration

Teresa Wagner

Building FIDS, Room V528
Telephone +49 941 943-68502
E-Mail teresa.wagner@ur.de


  • Personnel matters
  • Vacation administration
  • Recording teaching duties

Further Staff

Katharina Urban (Maternity Leave)

  1. Schools/Faculty

Informatics and Data Science