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Studying at FIDS

Studying Informatics at the University of Regensburg


  • Computer Science (Bachelor)
    Broad computer science education like KI, Human-Computer Interaction and IT-Security, while you have the option to specialise in your interests.
    Information about studying Computer Science: studienberatung.informatik@ur.de
  • Computational Science (Bachelor / Master)
    Methods from Informatics and Data Science in Sciences
    Information about studying Computational Science: Stefan.Solbrig@physik.uni-regensburg.de
  • Data Science (Bachelor)
    Broad and solid training, including in the areas of data preparation, analysis and visualisation will prepare you to become a Data Scientist.
    Information about studying Data Science: studienberatung.ds@ur.de
  • Digital Business (Bachelor)
    Methods from Informatics and Data Science in Business Administration
    Subject Advisory Service: studien.info@wiwi.uni-regensburg.de
  • Digital Humanities (Master)
    Methods from Informatics and Data Science for Humanities
    Subject Advisory Service: Digital-Humanities.Studienberatung@ur.de
  • Digital Law (Bachelor)
    Legal Tech, Digitalisiation of Law, Law and Informatics, Database Systems, Big Data
    Subject Advisory Service: studienberatung.jura@ur.de
  • Information Science (Bachelor / Master)

    Highly topical issues related to technology, information and people are the
    are at the center of our research and teaching. Join us on a voyage of discovery:

    Natural Language Engineering: Find out what linguistic interaction with software can mean and develop your own algorithms for virtual agents and chatbots.

    Computational Intelligence: Find out how virtual agents can acquire knowledge and help humans solve problems.

    Information Retrieval: We take you behind the scenes of computer-aided search for complex information.

    Information Ethics: Learn about the problems the digital world struggles with and design solutions! Together, we can improve the detection of fake news and hate comments on social media, for example.

    Practical Computer Science: Whether it's independent programming or understanding and designing algorithms - with us you'll be equipped for the complex world of IT!

    Subject Advisory Service: Studienberatung.IW@ur.de

  • Information Systems (Bachelor / Master)
    IT Security, Internet Business & Social Media, Data Science, Process Science
    Advisory of the Chair of Information Systems: Studien.Info@wiwi.uni-regensburg.de
  • Legal Tech (Master)
    Digitalisiation of the work in Law, Law and Informatics, Using of Legal Tech, Data Science, Big Data
    Advisory: master.legaltech@ur.de
  • Media Informatics (Bachelor / Master)
    Human-Computer-Interaction, Software-Engineering, App- und Webedevelopment, Digital Society
    Subject Advisory Service

The Central Advisory Service of the University Regensburg will help you with any subject and inter-subject related questions.

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