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Research Colloquium “Posterities Of Maine De Biran’s Physiospiritualism In The 20th Century”

Freitag 25. September 2020 – Samstag 26. September 2020

The pioneering international multidisciplinary research colloquium that is initiated and coordinated by Dr. Manfred Milz, Research Associate at the Institute of Information and Media, Language and Culture, is assembling scholars from France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Iceland, Ireland, Greece, the United Kingdom, the USA, and Germany. Well funded by the Lucia and Dr. Otfried Eberz Foundation at the University of Regensburg, its core goal is to establish a fundament for investigating more recent posterities of French Spiritualism.

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Program (PDF / 177 KB)




Universität Regensburg
Lehrstuhl für Medienwissenschaft
Dr. Manfred Milz

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