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Research Colloquium 'Cognitive Neuroscience'

Freitag 23. April 2021, 14:15 Uhr – 15:45 Uhr

Speaker: Chris Baker (National Institute of Mental Health, Section on Learning and Plasticity, USA)

Title: Making sense of the world: People, places, and things


Light falling on the retina triggers neural activity that is propagated along subcortical
and cortical pathways to ultimately elicit the perceptual experience of a world that
is full of people, places, and things. However, much prior research has focused on broad visual category distinctions (e.g. scenes, objects) and the task of recognition or
classification. Here, I will present two recent approaches to address our understanding of the visual world beyond these broad category distinctions. First, we have targeted natural errors in perception that cross category boundaries, in particular face pareidolia (the perception of illusory faces in objects). Our multimodal neuroimaging studies reveal that although the perception of illusory faces engages face-selective cortical regions, the "facelike" response to illusory faces is incredibly transient, and within a quarter of a second they are represented like ordinary objects. Second, we developed a data-driven computational approach to identify the core dimensions underlying our mental representations of objects.
Using a large-scale database of object images from over 1500 categories and behavioral responses across nearly 1.5 million trials, we find that human behavioral judgments can be captured by 49 highly reproducible and meaningful object dimensions that reflect various conceptual and perceptual properties of those objects. Together, these studies highlight the need to move beyond simple category distinctions to reveal how we make sense of the visual world.

Zoom-Link: https://uni-regensburg.zoom.us/j/64510642300
Meeting ID: 645 1064 2300
Passcode: 381898

Poster (PDF / 122 KB)




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