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"Small group teaching: Beneficial for all?"

Dienstag 19. Juni 2018, 18:00 Uhr

Gastvortrag von Jasperina Brouwer (Ass. Prof. University of Groningen, the Netherlands) im Rahmen des International Presidential Visiting Scholar Fellowship 2018

No mass lectures anymore but small group teaching; this is the current trend in higher education and the way universities hope to attract future students. Learning together with peers is considered attractive for students and they also might benefit from each other’s knowledge when they collaborate in small groups. When changing the system to small group teaching the question arises whether dividing a cohort of students in small groups, such as learning communities or seminar groups, is sufficient for helping all students to build relationships with peers potentially contributing to their achievement and learning success? By using longitudinal survey- and social network data, Jasperina Brouwer revealed in her PhD project, that students who believed to accomplish their studies well, performed better. Interaction with peers and teachers enhanced this ‘I-can-do belief’. It was found that within learning communities, as one of the investigated forms of small group teaching, cohesive groups were formed. It was also found that friends contributed to study success, in particular for high-achieving students. Further analysis showed that when small groups are formed, the risk of achievement segregation emerged. The better-achieving students created more access to help resources and formed relations in particular with better-achieving peers who potentially contribute to their success. But what is about the students who have difficulties with passing the exams? The results showed that these students become friends, ask help and prefer to collaborate with similar lower-achieving peers. They are at risk for remaining at a low achievement level. Since a common ambition of educational institutions is that the potential of all students should be reached, more research needs to be done about how to organize small group teaching to benefit all students. In the lecture, we will discuss possible practical implications for peer learning and cognition in small group teaching settings (i.e., seminars).

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