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CITAS Conference - Obsolete, Resilient, Resurgent

Donnerstag 2. Mai 2019 – Samstag 4. Mai 2019

The Nation-State in a Globalized World

Die Tagungssprache ist Englisch.

Am 2. Mai, 18 Uhr, gibt es einen Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Matthias Middell (Leipzig) und am 3. Mai, 18 Uhr, einen Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Johanna Bockman (George Mason U). Panels finden am 3.-4. Mai statt.

The conference investigates the interconnection of the nation-state and globalization, both historically and in the present. It aims to further knowledge on how the national and global have been and remain co-constitutive, during periods both of expanding globalization and of efforts towards restricting or resisting it. In the globalized world, goods, ideas, cultural works and people seem to cross borders and circulate without limits. Yet the interconnectedness of domestic, foreign and international policy, which also influences everyday life, seems to be challenged by a retreat from multilateralism and cooperation. From the 1970s, belief in the obsolescence of the nation-state and nationalism became prominent across the political and disciplinary spectrum, from international relations to history. Likewise, the transnational turn in cultural studies and the social sciences has drawn attention to identities beyond the nation, ranging from subnational and local cultures to global cosmopolitanism. However, belief in the obsolescence of the nation-state might seem misplaced today given events in different world regions, including the foreign and economic policy of Donald Trump’s administration, Brexit and populism in Europe and Latin America.
The conference thus asks: How did the nation-state come to be seen as passé across many disciplines and regions? What political, economic, social and cultural consequences has teleological faith the nation-state’s obsolescence had? How has the nation-state been a crucial element of globalization rather than its antithesis? How are the global and transnational entangled in the current national resurgence? And how have the national, subnational and local proven both resilient in the face of globalization and also co-constitutive of the global world?

Der Eintritt ist frei.

Alle Interessierten sind herzlich willkommen.

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Plakat (PDF / 3,7 MB)

Programm (PDF / 634 KB)


2. Mai: IOS, Landshuter Straße 4 Regensburg
3.-4. Mai: Universität Regensburg, Großer Sitzungssaal PT 3.0.79


Center for International and Transnational Area Studies
Universität Regensburg
Paul Vickers
Telefon 0941 943-5964
E-Mail citas@ur.de

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