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Climate Change: Ecology and Art

Montag 12. Juni 2023, 16:00 Uhr - Montag 12. Juni 2023, 18:00 Uhr

Christiane Heibach (Regensburg)

Ecology and Art: Aesthetic Engagement on Climate Change

This lecture series adresses one of the pressing questions of human kind – climate change. It approaches this issue from different disciplines ranging from law to ethnography. Legislation and especially the Paris Agreement have been a step towards international cooperation in combating climate change – now actions and implementation need to follow. Questions about deforestation, litigation, the circular economy, and sustainable urban planning will be adressed in different regions in the Global South and beyond the West.

Where and When? Summer Semester 2023 | Mondays, 16-18  | H14


12 June | Christiane Heibach (Regensburg) – Ecology and Art: Aesthetic Engagement on Climate Change

19 June | Rike Krämer-Hoppe (Regensburg) – The German Federal Constitutional Court Climate order and the Global South

26 June no talk this week

3 July | double header of talks by doctoral researchers at the Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies at UR
Magdolna Molnar (Regensburg) - Common misconceptions about sustainability: Examples from the European Green Deal
Miloš Đurović (Regensburg) - Reflecting on the visions and practices of “environmental sustainability” between the European centre and its periphery
The lecture will critically reflect on the notion of environmental sustainability – its conceptualisation, implementation, and multifaceted and blurry character – focusing mainly on the nexus between the European centre and its periphery. The presentation will be backed by the ethnographic research conducted at the European (semi-)periphery.

10 July Oliver C Ruppel (Graz / Stellenbosch U)
Climate Litigation and Action in Africa
This lecture will address pressing climate issues from an African perspective. It will inter alia elaborate on selected litigation efforts and other climate activities in selected African countries.


Universität Regensburg, Hörsaal H 14


Prof. Dr. Rike Krämer-Hoppe (DIMAS/ Law, UR)
Dr. Paul Vickers (DIMAS / ScienceCampus)


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