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Dynamics of visual cognition: A spatio-temporally resolved and algorithmically explicit account

Freitag 14. Januar 2022, 14:15 Uhr - Freitag 14. Januar 2022, 15:15 Uhr

Research Colloquium Cognitive Neuroscience

Speaker: Radek Cichy (Freie Universitaet Berlin, Department of Education & Psychology)


Meeting ID: 635 5036 4269
Passcode: 146903

Flyer (PDF)

Understanding visual cognition in the brain requires answering three
questions: what is happening where and when in the human brain when we
see? I will present recent work that takes on this challenge in an integrated
analysis framework combining human magnetoencephalography (MEG),
functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and artificial deep neural
networks (DNNs). The talk has two parts. In the first part, I will show how fMRI
and MEG can be combined using multivariate analysis techniques to yield a
spatio-temporally integrated view of human brain activity. I will give examples
from vision, delineate the method’s future potential and highlight current
work. In the second part I will show how DNNs can be used to understand the
human visual system. Building on the observation that DNNs build for
engineering purposes predict the spatiotemporal processing hierarchy of the
visual brain well, I will present recent work harvesting the predictive and
exploratory potential of this new modelling framework




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