Our research interests in a short version: Research interests.pdf

Main Research Areas

  1. 1.Chromatin Dynamics: How do chromatin remodeling enzymes move histone octamers relative on DNA?
    - Deposition and Dynamics of the Histone variant H2AZ - Regulation of remodeling enzymes by non-coding RNA -
    - Functional diversity of remodeling enzymes - Dynamics of the Plasmodium falciparum nucleosomes -

  2. 2.The role of non-coding RNA molecules in Chromatin
    - Triple helices in gene regulation - Chromatin associated RNA regulating higher order structures of chromatin -

  3. 3.rRNA Gene regulation: How are the rRNA genes organized and regulated in the nucleoli of the cell nucleus.
    - Epigenomics of rDNA - Functional genomics of the nucleolus -

  4. 4.Epigenetic regulation in chromatin: Elucidation of the interplay between chromatin structure, DNA methyltransferase complexes and chromatin remodeling complexes in tumors of early childhood.
    - DNA methylation in chromatin -

  5. 5.Functional compartimentalisation of the nucleus and chromatin domains
    - Chromatin architecture at the genomic level -