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Inf Sci at Regensburg

Short Profile

  • broad orientation with respect to research topics (see below) and methods (from technical to quantitative to qualitative)
  • practice-oriented research
  • research-led teaching

Key Topics of Our Teaching and Research

Active Student Association (FIM)

The website of our students' association tells you more about its services and activities.

Methods: Interdisciplinarity

Information science is characterized by a high degree of interdisciplinarity. In the sense of applied computer science, it relies on computer science solutions for technical problems. At the same time, information science research, and thus of course its methodology, is by no means limited to technical aspects. In order to deal with its subject area, information science also draws on theories from the sub-disciplines of the social sciences and humanities, such as linguistics, philosophy, psychology (among others). Consequently, information science is an interdisciplinary science or a bridging science, which distinguishes itself through a multi-perspective analysis of its subject area.

Latest Laboratory Infrastructure

The Chair of Information Science can provide modern equipped laboratories.

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Information Science