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Dr. Christina Bauer

Areas of work

01 | Research

Supporting Wayfinding in Indoor Environments

My research focuses on developing and evaluating indoor navigation systems. For this purpose, I examine the gaze behavior of participants to enhance the usability of navigation systems on the one hand and to gain a deeper understanding of the cognitive processes involved in indoor wayfinding on the other. I am moreover interested in examining and predicting difficult wayfinding situations, evaluating the user experience during a wayfinding task and finding new methods to understand user behavior in the context of navigation.

02 | Teaching

Seminar on Eyetracking

WiSe 2018/2019

Case Studies on Navigation

SoSe 2018

Introduction to Software Ergonomics

SoSe 2016 | SoSe 2017 | SoSe 2018

Advanced Seminar on Software Ergonomics

WiSe 2015/2016 | SoSe 2016 | WiSe 2016/2017 | SoSe 2017 | WiSe 2017/2018 | WiSe 2018/2019

Seminar "URWalking"

WiSe 2015/2016 |SoSe 2016

Evaluation Methods Examining Navigation Systems

WiSe 2014/2015


since 2012

Research associate at the Chair of Information Science, Universität Regensburg

2010 - 2012 

Studies of information science at Universität Regensburg (Master of Arts Degree)

2007 - 2010

Studies of information science and business administration at Universität Regensburg  (Bachelor of Arts Degree)


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Information Science

Christina Bauer

Building PT, Room 3.0.67
Phone +49941 943-3465