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Dr. Markus Kattenbeck

R & T

01 | Research

My postdoctoral research focuses on navigation in physical and non-physical spaces. I am particularly interested in

  • the differences and commonalities of real and electronic landmarks
  • the influence of spatial abilities on navigation in information spaces
  • the information needs driving VGI (Volunteered Geographic Information)
  • ways to nudge geographic information behaviour
  • the influence context has on mobile local search

02 | Thesis

My PhD thesis which was successfully defended in July 2016 focuses on the survey-based measurement of the salience of objects. These values can be used to explain routes to users of pedestrian navigation systems.

The fulltext is available here.

03 | Teaching (alphabetical order)

Basics and Applications of Machine Learning [Lab]

Summer 2018

Case Studies on Navigation (Seminar; in cooperation with Christina Bauer)

Summer 2018

Empirical Methods. An Introduction [Lec] (strong focus on statistics; as of Summer 2011 in cooperation with David Elsweiler).

Winter 2010/2011 | Summer 2011 | Winter 2011/2012 | Summer 2012 | Winter 2012/2013 | Summer 2013 | Summer 2014 | Summer 2015 | Summer 2016 | Summer 2017

Data analysis in Information Science [S]

Winter 2013/2014 | Winter 2014/2015 | Summer 2015 | Winter 2015/2016

Database Management Systems [Lec+Lab]

Summer 2016 | Winter 2016/2017

Navigation in Physical and Non-Physical Spaces (Master's Seminar)

Winter 2018/2019

Persuasion based on Linguistics [S] (in cooperation with Bernd Ludwig and David Elsweiler)

SoSe 2016

Prep Course Probabilistic Evaluation [Lab]

Winter 2012/2013 |  Summer 2015

Research Seminar on GIScience [S] (in cooperation with Melanie A. Kilian)

Summer 2017

Research Seminar on Human Information Behaviour [S] (in cooperation with Melanie A. Kilian)

Winter 2016/2017

Seminar on Soundmarks and Landmarks [S]

Winter 2015/2016 (in cooperation with Dr. Solveig Ottmann)

Software Engineering [Lec]

Summer 2011 | Winter 2011/2012 | Summer 2017

Survey- and Experiment Design [Lec+Lab] (in cooperation with David Elsweiler)

Summer 2018

User Centered Design und Human Information Behaviour [Lec + Lab]

Winter 2017/2018 | Winter 2018/2019


Since August 2016

Post-Doc at the Chair for Information Science, University of Regensburg


Dr. phil.; title of thesis: Empirically Measuring Salience of Objects for Use in Pedestrian Navigation

October 2010 - July 2016

Researcher and doctoral student at the Chair for Information Science, University of Regensburg

November 2008 - October 2010

Technical Consultant for IT Service Management / E-Tracking

September 2008

Master's degree in European Ethnology and Information Science"


Scholarship by the Bavarian Government

2003 - 2008

Undergraduate studies in European Ethnology and Information Science at the University of Regensburg and the University of Newcastle (NSW, Australia, 2 semesters).


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2019: General Co-Chair (in cooperation with Kathleen Stewart and Bernd Ludwig) of the 14th Conference on Spatial Information Theory (COSIT 2019) in Regensburg

2014: Local Chair der International Conference on Information Interaction in Context (IIiX 2014) in Regensburg


2019: Tutorial on PLS Path Modeling for Information Retrieval at ECIR '18 (in cooperation with David Elsweiler)

2018: Tutorial on PLS Path Modeling for Information Retrieval at CHIIR '18 (in cooperation with David Elsweiler)


2018: Workshop: Making Salience Personal – In Search for Personalized Landmarks im Rahmen der AGILE 2018 (in cooperation with Eva Nuhn (Augsburg), Sabine Timpf (Augsburg), Bernd Ludwig (Regensburg)


since 2018: Reviewer for the ACM SIGIR Conference on Human-Computer Interactive Information Retrieval (CHIIR)
since 2016: Reviewer for the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (ACM CHI)

Positions and Responsibilities

since 2017: Appointed second supervisor for Information Science M.A.

since 2016: Appointed first and second supervisor for Information Science B.A.

since 12/2013: Elected member of the Steering Committee of the Department of Information and Media, Language and Culture (University of Regensburg)

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