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Qing Zhang M.A.

Areas of work


My research topic is "Online Food Culture: Using digital food traces to understand varying food preferences".

My recent project is "Understanding and Predicting cross-cultural food preferences on aesthetic aspects with online recipe portals".

With the aim of improving the performance of food recommender systems in a cross-cultural context, I focused on understanding and predicting the food preferences of different cultures. Compared to emphasizing the cultural boundaries in the food domain, I’m more interested in finding the stable patterns of cross-cultural food preferences. With the recipes and interaction data generated by the users of the recipe portals from China(Xiachufang.com), US(Allrecipes.com) and Germany(Kochbar.de), I have already shown the signal of the stable patterns on the visual aspects. Now I’m working on the other aesthetic aspect, flavors.


Since 12/2018

Research Associate at the Chair of Information Science, University of Regensburg

09/2015 - 07/2018

Studies of Library and Information Science at South China Normal University (Master of Arts)

09/2011- 06/2015

Studies of German at Xian Fanyi University (Bachelor of Arts)


Visual Cultural Biases in Food Classification
Qing Zhang, David Elsweiler und Christoph Trattner
Foods 9, 823 (2020)

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12/2019 - 2022

China Scholaship Council




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Qing Zhang M.A.

Qing Zhang

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