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Covid-19 Update

Rooms for active participation in virtual courses

To enable students of the University of Regensburg active participation in virtual courses between in-person sessions,  the University Library is expanding its available space with the beginning of the semester.

Please have your student ID and 3G proof ready to use all the areas mentioned below.

From 18 October, the following areas will be accessible again:

  • Information center in the Central Library (Mo-Fr, 09:00 - 20:00) : All designated places can be used without pre-registration during opening hours. Please note: From 10:00 - 14:00 there will be library staff at the information desk, from 09:00 - 10:00 and 14:00 - 20:00 a security service randomly checks the 3G proofs.
  • Workspaces on level 7 of the Central Library above the General Reading Room (Mo-Fr, 08:00 - 19:45): access via the entrance to the General Reading Room. Up to two seats per table group can be occupied in each room. We ask you to wear a mask during your stay, as the minimum distance of 1.50 meters cannot be guaranteed.
  • Carrels (=working booths) within the Textbook Collection in the Central Library (Mo-Fr, 10:00 - 16:00): carrels can be occupied by individuals for a maximum of 2 hours per day. You will receive the key for a carrel at the entrance to the textbook collection and the key will be booked on your user account for 2 hours. Please note: carrels are only available for students of the University of Regensburg. A reservation option for the use of the carrels is currently being planned.
  • From Thursday, 21.10.2021: Carrels (=working booths) in the reading room Law 2 (Mo-Fr, 08:00 - 20:00): carrels can be occupied by individuals for a maximum of 2 hours per day. Registration takes place via a list available at the reading room counter.

Disinfectants are available in all these areas in order to be able to clean the workplaces.

Of course, you can also participate in virtual courses within the reading rooms. The number of available places has also been increased here. Please note, however, that you must use headphones and cannot speak.

Laptop charging lockers (where available) can also be used again at the start of the semester. You can get the key on request at the respective reading room counter.

Current regulations

3G proof

According to the recently published 14th BayIfSMV the 3G-rule will apply if the 7-day-incidence exceeds 35.

Persons who want to enter the reading rooms of the University Library (UB), the textbook collection, the contact-free lending area or rooms for active participation in virtual courses must prove that they have been tested, vaccinated or recovered.

At the entrance counters of the reading rooms and the textbook collection, the 3G certificates are systematically checked by the supervisory staff of the UB. In the information center 3G proofs are checked by library staff from 10:00 - 14:00. From 09:00 - 10:00 and 14:00 - 20:00 a security service randomly checks the 3G proofs. As there is no staff working in the contact-free lending area, random checks are carried out there.

When entering the reading room, the information center (between 10:00 - 14:00) and the textbook collection, please show the corresponding proof without being asked. To facilitate control, a digital version of the proof (e.g. via mobile app) would be perfect.

This regulation does not apply to employees of the University of Regensburg and to pupils who can present a pupil ID card.

Mask obligation

Wearing a medical face mask is mandatory in all premises of the university library.
If the minimum distance of 1.5 metres is maintained, the mask can be removed at the workplace. The marked workplaces in the reading rooms correspond to the minimum distance.
You can find information on exemption from the mask requirement in the infection control concept of the university. (in German only)

Hygiene measures and infection control concept

Access to the reading rooms as well as the use of all services of the UB on site on campus are based on hygiene and safety guidelines which are explained in detail in the infection control concept of the university.  (in German only)
Please note the current information on site.

Offer of reading places and opening hours

You can check online, how many reading places are still available. The numbers are updated in real time after the page is reloaded. Display of free places

According to the current regulations, masks can only be removed at the workplace if a minimum distance of 1.5 meters to other persons is reliably maintained.

In order to enable users to work at the reading desk without a mask, as requested by many, especially by students, the UB has decided to continue the designation of reading desks with the minimum distance and therefore in limited numbers.
The opening hours for external users will therefore remain in place until further notice.

You can always find the current opening hours of the reading rooms here.

Contact data collection

For reasons of contact tracing, the University of Regensburg operates a comprehensive data collection of all participants of face-to-face courses and all other stays at the UR.

For this purpose, the library card is scanned in the university library when entering and leaving each reading room. In the process, the user number, entry or exit times, and the reading room are saved on internal university servers.

This also applies to break times: When leaving the reading room, please inform the supervisor whether you are leaving the reading room permanently or only for a break. If you only leave the reading room for a break, you are still entitled to your reading place for 60 minutes.
After a 60-minute absence, the system will automatically log you out. Please note that in this case you will need to provide your 3G proof again at the reading room entrance. Please note that the data collection is done separately for each reading room. Participation in the contact data collection is mandatory, please have your library card ready for this purpose every time you enter and leave the reading room.

More information on the contact data collection at the UB can be found here(in German only)

Borrowing media from the reading rooms

UR members can borrow books directly from the reading rooms to their homes (students of the UR: max. 5 books for 14 days). University members (UR staff and students) can borrow books from the reading rooms during the entire opening hours. Books borrowed from the reading rooms can be returned either at the respective reading room or at the non-contact circulation area in the Central Library.
Books in the special collection with the local code 55 (Reclam Collection PT) can be ordered via the online catalog and can be picked up and also returned at the contact-free circulation desk in the Central Library.

Scanning in the reading rooms

Scanners are available in all reading rooms. Please scan only single chapters or a few pages (not whole books!) and keep your length of stay as short as possible. Please note that no USB sticks are currently issued for loan.

Service for students from risk groups

Please note: This service is aimed exclusively at students who, for health reasons, are currently unable to visit the reading rooms to use the reading stations or borrow books due to the risk of infection with the corona virus.

For students from at-risk groups, books ( a maximum of five books from the reading rooms) will be checked out of the reading rooms by library staff and made available centrally on a specially set up shelf at the entrance to the contact-free lending area in the Central Library.
Students from at-risk groups are asked to send an e-mail to ausleihe.ub@ur.de and indicate which books (please include the shelf mark) are needed from the reading rooms.

For students from risk groups, a limited number of individual work booths are also available in the Central Library. Students from at-risk groups are asked to contact ausleihe.ub@ur.de by e-mail and specify the period of time during which they would like to work.

You will find answers to frequently asked questions in our FAQs.

If you have any further questions, please contact the staff of the University Library by phone on 0941 943-3990 (Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 16:00). You are also welcome to send us your request or question in writing by e-mail at any time.

The University Library has set up a chat information service. All members of the University of Regensburg can reach the UB via the UR Chat (Rocket.Chat) from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 16:00. Enter the user "Auskunft UB" in the search field and send your questions directly to the staff.

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