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FAQ: First Questions about the University Library

This is my first time in the university library. How do I start?

To find out whether the literature you are looking for is available in the university library please search our Regensburg Catalogue plus and ask the information if there are any questions.

You need a library card to borrow media. Media from the stacks and from the textbook collection can be borrowed for 4 weeks (two renewals may be possible.) Media from the stacks have to be ordered via the Regensburg Catalogue plus using your library card and must be picked up within five working days.
Books in the reading rooms may only be used on site. You can use the book scanners free of charge to scan single chapters (not whole books!) and save the scans on your own USB stick.

Reading room books may be borrowed over the weekend from Friday 8 a.m. to Monday 12 p.m. (except for the reading rooms Law 1 and 2 and the reading room Economics: Loans are generally not permitted.)

Here you find a presentation about the library.

Where can I find the media?

The information about the location of the books or journals is provided by the Regensburg Catalogue plus.

About 45% of all books and journals are freely accessible in the reading rooms. Please note the shelfmark!

Media from the stacks, the Magazin, which are not open to the public can be ordered online via the Regensburg Catalogue plus.

After you have completed your order you will find the books on the pick-up shelves of the lending area, the Ausleihe, in the central library during opening hours.

There are several copies of important prescribed literature in the textbook collection, the Lehrbuchsammlung. These books are not ordered online, they can be borrowed there directly.

E-Books and electronic journals can be found via the Regensburg Catalogue plus. They can only be used on PCs that are part of the university network, because access is controlled using the IP addresses of the computers.

Introducing the University Library of Regensburg (video)
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