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FAQ: Library Card

How do I get a library card?

To obtain a library card for the university library please note the following:

Students of the University of Regensburg: The Student ID is also your library card.

University and hospital staff: Staff members include their work contract, civil servants include the accompanying letter of their certificate.

Application for a library card for university staff (available only in the university network)

People who are not members of the university (e.g. pupils and other interested parties) will be sent their library card or will be informed by the library card office during Corona times after an application has been submitted. The library card is free of charge.

In order to obtain a library card your residence must be in Germany.

Application for a library card for people who are not members of the university

Companies and institutions: A library card can be issued upon presenting a confirmation letter. Please call 0941 943-3944 in advance to find out what information is needed.

Members of the Hochschule Regensburg (University of Applied Sciences): The library card of the Hochschule Regensburg is also valid at the university library.

Please inform us immediately about your address change or the loss of your library card.

Library card desk:

E-Mail: ausweis.ub@ur.de

Phone: 0941 943-3944, Fax: 0941 943-1569 (Information)

Room: 5.30 Central Library (Information Center), Opening Hours

Where can I find my user number?

Your user number can be found near the bar code on your library card/student-ID (069...). 

My library card is blocked. What does that mean?

There may be several reasons why your card is blocked:

  • Your library card has expired. The library card is valid for a limited time and must be renewed after expiration.
  • The loan period of your borrowed books/media has expired or you have not paid for the reminder.
  • The mail sent to you by the university library has been returned as undeliverable.

In all cases please contact our Information Desk.

I am a visitor. Do I have access to books or can I copy them?

Books in our reading rooms and in the central library are freely accessible. Books in our reading rooms must be used on site.

With the book scanners you can save scans on your USB stick free of charge.
The information about the location of the books or journals is provided by the Regensburg Catalogue plus. Please note the shelfmark!

If you need books from our stacks, please contact us by e-mail a few days before your visit, so the books are ready for you to be picked up at the information desk.
If you frequently need media from the university library, please apply for a library card, with which you can also order media via the Regensburg Catalogue plus. This only applies to German residents.

How can I renew my library card?

At the moment it is only possible to renew your library card by e-mail. Please contact: ausweis.ub@ur.de

University staff who wish to renew their staff library card please take their identity and library cards as well as their contract of employment to the library card desk in the information center in the central library during opening hours.

I lost my library card. What can I do?

Please send an e-mail to ausweis.ub@ur.de to have your library card blocked.

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