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A "Semesterapparat" consists of relevant literature for a course (seminar, exercise), which is frequently needed by all participants. Therefore this literature is set up for a semester in the reading room or in the office of the professor or research assistant.

There it can be viewed and copied by everyone - but cannot be borrowed over the weekend. The Semesterapparate are usually placed on a shelf at the beginning of a subject section and are marked with the name of the lecturer.

In the Regensburg catalogue, the corresponding title is listed under the following location:

Semesterapp./Lessaal Sem.App. (= Reading Room Sem.App.)

Setting up a Semesterapparat

A Semesterapparat can be set up by professors and research assistants.
To do so, they can obtain a "Semesterapparat" card from the library card office (e-mail: ausweis.ub@ur.de). With this special card, books can be ordered and borrowed from the central holdings. Books from the reading room are booked onto the Semesterapparat by the supervisor. The deadline is the end of the current semester.

Interlibrary loans, textbook collection (shelf mark 17) and media from other Regensburg libraries may not be placed in the Semesterapparat.
Further information is provided by the subject librarians of the library.

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