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Special regulations in the university library for studying parents

1. Extended Overnight Lending

Student parents with children up to the age of six years can borrow books from 15:00h onwards as part of the overnight lending until 12:00h the next day. To do so, an application must be submitted to the library card office at the Central Library.

2. Use of the reading rooms with children

Student parents can bring their children to the library at any time. If the children cause trouble, parents are asked to leave the library with their children.

Visitors with babies or small children do not need to return books or media borrowed from the reading room to the shelves themselves, but can drop them off at the supervision desk.

3. Use of the information centre with children

Students' parents are welcome to take their children to the (URwalking, Info Centre) in the Central Library. Here you can speak at working volume, it does not have to be as quiet as in our reading rooms. Do you need colouring pencils, colouring templates or picture books for the little ones? Please contact us at the information desk!

4. E-books

Many books at the University Library are purchased as e-books to make them easier to use. Feel free to ask if you need specific literature for your studies.

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