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Faculty for Biology and Preclinical Medicine
Institute for Anatomy
Institute for Molecular and Cellular Anatomy



Curriculum vitae


Professional background


1983 - 1985      Attending Medical School at the University of Regensburg

1989 - 1990      Attending Medical School at the University of Würzburg

            1989      Visiting student at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, at the   

                          Medical College of Virginia in Richmond and the Massachusetts 

                          General Hospital of the Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA 

            1990      Completion of the MD thesis at the Institute for Physiological Che-

                          mistry, University of Würzburg  

1990 - 1994      Fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical

                          School in the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Joseph Bonventre

            1994      Appointment as "Instructor in Medicine" at the Harvard Medical


1994 - 2002      Group leader at the Institute for Anatomy and Cell Biology, Univer-

                          sity of Heidelberg

            1999      Appointment as Assistant Professor

2002 -               Chairman and Full Professor at the Institute for Molecular and Cel-

                          lular Anatomy, University of Regensburg  



Past and present academic positions 


2007 - 2009      Dean of the Faculty of Biology and Preclinical Medicine, University

                          of Regensburg

2009 -               Member of the Senate of the University of Regensburg

            2017-    Chairman of the Senat

2011 -               Member of the University Council of the University of Regensburg

            2017-    Vice Chairman of the University Council



Further academic responsibilities


2003 -               Member of the Ethics Committee at the University of Regensburg

2003 -               Liaison professor and member of the selection committee of the 

                          Bavarian EliteAcademy

2011 -               Mentor in the Max Weber-Program of the State of Bavaria


  1. Fakultät für Biologie und Vorklinische Medizin
  2. Faculty Research

Prof. Dr. Ralph Witzgall

Institute for Molecular and Cellular Anatomy


University of Regensburg




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