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Kathrin Pindl M.A.

Research Assistant

office: PT 3.0.25a
phone: +49-941-943-5754
fax: +49-941-943-5752
e-mail: Kathrin.Pindl[at]ur.de




  • Since February 2016: Independent project "Storage for subsistence. Regensburg's hospital granary (17th-19th centuries)" within the German Research Foundation’s Priority Programme SPP 1859:"Experience and Expectation: Historical Foundations of Economic Behaviour"
  • Since September 2015: Membership in the German Research Foundation's Scientific Network "Actions, Perceptions, Calculations. A new methodology for late medieval economic history"
  • Since May 2015: MEDEA (Modeling semantically Enriched Digital Editions of Accounts) within the NEH/DFG Bilateral Digital Humanities Programme
  • Since October 2013: Research Assistant at the Chair for Economic and Social History at the University of Regensburg
  • September 2013: M.A. in History (focus on economic and social history) at the University of Regensburg
    M.A. thesis: “Labour and Livelihood in Pre-Modern Times – Wages, Prices and Living Standards in Mühldorf am Inn 1550 – 1700”
  • March 2012: B.A. in History, Political Science and French Philology at the University of Regensburg
    B.A. thesis: “The 1316 Regime of Regensburg's St Catherine's Hospital between Normative Order and ‘Normal Reality’”
  • April 2010 – June 2015: (Student) Research Assistant at the Chair for Regional History of Bavaria at the University of Regensburg in cooperation with the Archives of the Hospital of St Catherine




Research interests / focus

  • Development of wages, prices and living standards in European regions since the late Middle Ages
  • Group-specific patterns of diet and consumption, strategies of subsistence
  • Poverty in historical perspective
  • Agricultural, hospital and environmental history
  • Digital Humanities




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Undergraduate classes for students of history and economics, e.g.:

  • Climate and (hunger) crises, 1300-1900
  • Patterns of nutrition and consumption in Southern Germany c. 1350-1900
  • Poverty and famine in historical perspective
  • Books of account as sources for linguistics and history
  • Material tradition and everyday memory 1795, 1945, 2015
  • Escape from the poverty trap? (Pre-) modern standards of living in Southern Germany
  • From the archives into WWW. Books of account as sources for economic history and linguistics
  • Historiographical working techniques


Picture: Copyright 2015 (CC-BY-SA), by Syd Bauman/Northeastern University, Boston, MA.

  2. Department of History

Kathrin Pindl

Chair for Economic and Social History


Postal address:
Universität Regensburg
D-93040 Regensburg
Universität Regensburg
Universitätsstraße 31
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