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Huber group

Welcome to the Huber group at the University of Regensburg!

Many of the fundamental laws and unexpected phenomena in condensed matter physics are caused by extremely fast dynamics of electrons and ions on the femtosecond time (1 fs = 10-15 s) and terahertz frequency scale (1 THz = 1012 Hz). Unravelling such ultrafast processes is the main interest of our research. We develop next-generation, high-intensity femtosecond laser sources and THz technology, and employ them to explore novel femtophysics.

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Latest News


Svenja Nerreter selected as 2023 Optica Women Scholar

We are thrilled to announce that Svenja Nerreter has been selected as an Optica Women Scholar 2023.

This exceptional award recognizes outstanding Bachelor's and Master's students in the field of optics and photonics, and comes with a grant of $10,000 and access to a valuable mentoring platform.

Congratulations, Svenja!

Press release (UR) in German
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Best Lecture Award

Our lecture on Light Matter Interaction was awarded with the Best Lecture Award of the Faculty of Physics. Image (from left to right, top): Manuel Meierhofer, Lukas Kastner, Rupert Huber (professor), Markus Huber, Martin Zizlsperger, Simon Maier, (bottom:) Johannes Hayes, Marlene Liebich... more


New website of the ERC Synergy grant "Orbital Cinema"

Directly watching in slow-motion videos how electrons move in quantum mechanical orbitals and how this motion shapes the functionalities of condensed matter has been a dream shared by all natural and life sciences. Yet, this vision comes with the daunting challenge of mapping the microscopic structure of electronic orbitals with simultaneous ultrafast time resolution.

We will turn orbital cinematography into reality.

Read more on https://orbital-cinema.eu/.... more


Vacant position for Master or PhD research in lightwave-driven tunnelling microscopy

Would you like to delve into the nanocosm and use state-of-the-art ultrafast nanoscopy techniques to investigate the inner workings of matter? What if you could even do that simultaneously at Angström spatial and femtosecond temporal scales?

Our group has vacant positions for young scientists at the Master's and PhD level to join us in cutting edge research and measurement techniques, opening the doors to solving fundamental and previously untouchable fields in nanoscale light-matter interaction, high-temperature super-conductivity, exciton dynamics and more.
Working closely with colleagues from both scanning tunnelling microscopy and ultrafast optics, your tasks would include design, setup and operation of nanoscopy equipment as well as analysis and modelling of the results with the focus depending on your individual preferences.

You are highly motivated, have a physics background and want to work in a stimulating environment uncovering the mysteries of the nanoscopic world?

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"Nacht schafft Wissen!" in unseren FemtoLabs

Im Rahmen des regensburgweiten Events "Nacht schafft Wissen!" wurde Interessierten und Physikbegeisterten in Führungen durch unsere Kellerlabore Ultrakurzzeit- und Laserphysik an spannenden Vorführexperimenten nähergebracht.

https://www.uni-regensburg.de/veranstaltungen/nacht-schafft-wissen/einblicke-2022/index.html ... more

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Funding agencies

Our group regularly receives funding from national and international research agencies. Among them are:

The German Science Foundation

with funding for SFB 1277, as well as smaller grants (HU1598) and major instrumentation

The European Research Council

through several grants, including ERC grant 101071259 (Orbital Cinema), ERC grant 305003 (QUANTUMsubCYCLE) and ERC grant 681379 (SPRINT)

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

with several current and past fellowships, including funding for N. Nilforoushan

The German Federal Republic and the Free State of Bavaria

funding the Regensburg Center for Ultrafast Nanoscopy according to Art. 91b Abs. 1 Satz 1 GG

Social Media

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June 2024
Coverstory in Nature Photon.

May 2024
Publication in Nature

July 2023
Launch of the ERC project Orbital Cinema