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Huber group

Welcome to the Huber group at the University of Regensburg!

Many of the fundamental laws and unexpected phenomena in condensed matter physics are caused by extremely fast dynamics of electrons and ions on the femtosecond time (1 fs = 10-15 s) and terahertz frequency scale (1 THz = 1012 Hz). Unravelling such ultrafast processes is the main interest of our research. We develop next-generation, high-intensity femtosecond laser sources and THz technology, and employ them to explore novel femtophysics.

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Latest News


Attosecond clocking of Bloch electrons

Together with the group of Mackillo Kira (Michigan), we use multi-terahertz light fields to force electron-hole pairs in semiconductors onto closed recollision paths. Attosecond clocking of these trajectories reveals how many-body correlations like strong Coulomb interactions modify the charge carrier dynamics. This novel concept offers a completely new access to exotic phase transitions and quantum dynamics important for future electronic and quantum-information technologies.

The results have been published in Nature.... more


Joshua Mornhinweg receives IRMMW-THz 2022 best student paper award

We congratulate Joshua Mornhinweg on winning the first prize of the best student paper award of the 2022 International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves (IRMMW-THz) in Delft with his talk titled nonlinear subcycle dynamics of ultrastrong light-matter interaction. The prize honours original contributions to the conference from outstanding student attendees.... more


TU Delft, Netherlands


Best Lecture Award

Our lecture on physics of atoms and molecules was awarded with the Best Lecture Award of the Faculty of Physics.

Image (from left to right): Manuel Meierhofer, Martin Zizlsperger, Felix Schiegl, Rupert Huber (professor), Christian Meineke, Johannes Hayes, Marlene Liebich
Missing: Lukas Kastner... more


Intersubband Polariton-Polariton Scattering

We studied the ultrafast dynamics of intersubband polaritons in the mid-infrared together with the groups of Raffaele Colombelli (Paris), Christoph Lange (Dortmund) and Iacopo Carusotto (Trento). Stimulated scattering occurs between these polaritons for resonant excitation, which we observe directly within the polaritonic bandstructure. This scattering mechanism could enable Bose-Einstein-condensates of intersubband polaritons for novel quantum computers and on-chip mid-infrared light sources.

The results have been published in Physical Review Letters.... more


Light-field-driven tunneling currents in a Schottky diode

In collaboration with the group of Heiko Weber (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg) we investigated mid-infrared light-field-driven tunneling currents in a Schottky diode, consisting of epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide. Our study gives insights into the intrinsic speed limits of rectification currents in these devices and paves the way towards light-field-driven electronics with increased functionality, such as transistors and logic circuits.

Press release (UR) in German

The results have been published in Science Advances.... more

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Funding agencies

Our group regularly receives funding from national and international research agencies. Among them are:

The German Science Foundation

with funding for SFB 1277, as well as smaller grants (HU1598) and major instrumentation

The European Research Council

through several grants, including ERC grant 101071259 (Orbital Cinema), ERC grant 305003 (QUANTUMsubCYCLE) and ERC grant 681379 (SPRINT)

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

with several current and past fellowships, including funding for N. Nilforoushan

The German Federal Republic and the Free State of Bavaria

funding the Regensburg Center for Ultrafast Nanoscopy according to Art. 91b Abs. 1 Satz 1 GG

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July 2023
Launch of the ERC project Orbital Cinema