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Digital Panel “Transnational Perspectives on the Pandemic”


16. Juli 2020

The Regensburg European American Forum (REAF), in cooperation with the Center for International and Transnational Area Studies (CITAS), is honored to invite the UR community to explore our growing collection of “Transnational Perspectives on the Pandemic.” The ongoing project presents videos by international scholars who speak about their take on COVID-19. To view the first contributions from the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Israel, and the United States, please visit the project on GRIPS: https://elearning.uni-regensburg.de/course/view.php?id=44382  (Sprach/Lit/Kult > Anglistik/Amerikanistik > Regensburg European American Forum > Transnational Perspectives on the Pandemic)

At the beginning of this remote semester, REAF and CITAS were saddened by the cancellation of numerous in-person events that would have brought international colleagues and friends to our campus. Quickly, we realized that, in addition to joint research and scholarly discussion, we would miss the interaction in the hallways and over shared meals—conversations about academic and personal perspectives on cultural, social, political, and institutional surroundings. Quickly, the pandemic challenged, sometimes forced, sometimes motivated us to find new ways of communicative engagement and of mutual understanding. Very quickly, it glaringly revealed divisive and heinous invisibilities, inequalities, and injustices inherent in so many of our smaller and larger, social and systemic environments.

With the intention of collecting transnational voices on the pandemic and its repercussions and with the agenda of gathering a free array of academic, scholarly, teacherly, individual, personal, formal, informal, political perspectives, REAF reached out to its inter/national colleagues and partners. We invited them to share with us their experiences and thoughts in short videos and to send them in over the course of this summer.

With gratitude to our international colleagues, partners, and friends and with genuine anticipation of many in-person conversations in the future, we are now presenting the first results in this growing archive. We cordially invite you to keep visiting the project’s GRIPS platform, as we will add more videos and voices successively.

With best wishes for challenging times,

Birgit Bauridl,
Managing Director REAF
Board Member CITAS

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