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Info for Presenters

Talk Presentations

Talks are scheduled with 30 minutes each. This duration includes approximately 25 minutes talk time and 5 minutes discussion. You can use the Macintosh computers (OS X) or Windows PCs provided by us. The computers are equipped with MS Office (Mac), MS Office, Open Office, and the latest Adobe Reader. Alternatively, you may bring your own computer.

Poster Presentations

Poster boards are 150 cm (59.1 inch) wide and 120 cm (47.2 inch) high. Thus, paper format DIN A0 will fit both in landscape and portrait orientation.  Please hang up your poster on Tuesday morning and leave it up all day. A staff member will be present to assist you if needed.

  1. Fakultät für Psychologie, Pädagogik und Sportwissenschaft
  2. Institut für Psychologie




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