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Movement and Nutrition in Health and Disease

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4th Conference of the
International Movement and Nutrition Society

Xi'an, China, November 24-25, 2018

- Further information will be available soon. -

3rd International Conference
on Movement and Nutrition in Health and Disease

Regensburg, Germany, June 29-July 1, 2017

The University of Regensburg and the International Movement and Nutrition Society will host the 3rd International Conference on Movement and Nutrition in Health and Disease. We are pleased to invite you to join us for this conference, scheduled for June 29 - July 1, 2017 in Regensburg, Germany.

Physical activity and nutrition play an important role in long-term health and disease. The International Conference on Movement and Nutrition in Health and Disease will cover a wide range of topics appealing to the interests of clinicians, researchers, practitioners and experts from industry. It will provide you with ample opportunity to share and exchange knowledge and experience in regard to the contribution of diet, nutrition, functional food, physical exercise and sport to a healthy lifestyle, unimpaired aging, and the prevention, therapy and rehabilitation of conditions such as heart and cardiovascular disease, overweight and obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, neurological diseases, dementia, depression, and other psychiatric disorders.

A special topic of the conference will be the role of physical exercise in the prevention of chronic diseases.

Invited speakers at our conference will include:

Karl-Jürgen Bär, University of Jena, Germany:
     Physical activity and cognitive impairment.
Eco de Geus, Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands:
     Genetics of exercise behavior and its behavioral determinants.
David Elsweiler, University of Regensburg, Germany:
     Healthiness of internet recipes.
Jianjun Guo, China Institute of Sport Science, Beijing, China:
     Physical activity, sport and health in China.
Reinhold Kilian, University of Ulm, Germany:
Cost effectiveness of exercise/nutrition interventions to promote physical health
     in individuals with mental disorders.
Shiming Li, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA:
     Health aspects of tea.
Terry McMorris, Universities of Chichester and Northumbria, UK:
     Physical activity and cognition.
Jixiong Pan, Technical University of Munich, Germany, and Beijing, China:
     Playground design, physical activity and health.
Stefan Schneider, German Sport University, Köln, Germany:
Physical exercise and neuro-cognitive performance
Christina M. Spengler, ETH Zürich, Switzerland:
Development of efficient training strategies to improve long-term health and
     quality of life.

The conference venue is on the campus of the University of Regensburg in Bavaria. The almost 2000-year-old city of Regensburg with its magnificent Gothic cathedral is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Regensburg is the best-preserved medieval city in Germany and boasts numerous attractions from the times when Regensburg was a fortress on the border of the Roman Empire and in the Middle Ages a flourishing and wealthy trading place in Central Europe. The city was later the seat of the Permanent Imperial Parliament.

Apart from discussing recent developments related to nutrition and physical activity in health and disease, you will be able to enjoy the charming atmosphere of Regensburg.

We look forward to welcoming you to Regensburg this July.

Klaus W. Lange, University of Regensburg, Germany


May 28, 2017

Deadline for abstract submission

Notification of abstract acceptance
within 7 days following submission

June 6, 2017 Registration and payment of conference fees
June 29 - July 1, 2017         
Conference in Regensburg

 CONTACT for further information:  imn.soc@ur.de

Registration fee

Standard Rate 330 €, Students with ID 220 €.

  1. Fakultät für Psychologie, Pädagogik und Sportwissenschaft
  2. Institut für Psychologie

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