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Prof. Dr. Cristina Botella

Cristinabotella Zugeschnitten

Prof. Dr. Cristina Botella

University of Jaume I, Spain

"Using ICT devices for improving the Clinical Psychology field"


It is certainly possible to state that it is already well established the use of different ICT tools in the Clinical Psychology field. Several reviews and meta-analyses have shown that Virtual Reality techniques have proven to be effective in improving psychological treatments. The same is true regarding the Internet-based CBT treatments programs, numerous meta-analyses have supported its efficacy. Each of these approaches has a number of advantages and disadvantages; however, they are two completely separate work areas. This talk will analyze the challenges and opportunities that offer each of these research fields with respect to Clinical Psychology and defends the urgent need to converge.

  1. Fakultät für Psychologie, Pädagogik und Sportwissenschaft
  2. Institut für Psychologie