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Postdoc-Peer-Mentoring Program

Networking and support in teams at the start of your postdoc

This program is open to all doctoral candidates in the final phase (from about one year before the completion of the doctorate, the completion should be foreseeable) and postdocs - including habilitation candidates - in the first two to three years after the doctorate from all faculties. It serves to reflect on your own professional orientation and career opportunities with your own peer group in a goal-oriented manner and to mutually support and motivate each other.

Kick-off event
Dates: November 16, 4-6 p.m., and November 23, 2:30-6:30 p.m.
Location: Sammelgebäude, 4.OG, room 4.16 (entrance via room 4.17)

Registration and preparation for the kick-off event
On admission to the program, all participants will receive preparatory documents.
Deadline for application (new!): 7 November 2022, to GRIPS

The Kick-off marks the start of the program, which covers the winter and summer semesters 2022-23. Please note that only those who fully participate in the kick-off meeting can be included in the program. Late entry is not intended.

Aims and Contents

The aim of the program is the interdisciplinary networking and mutual support of the participating researchers during the professional orientation phase after their doctorate. The exchange in small groups, who as peers follow a comparable path but do not necessarily belong to the immediate professional or personal circle and who can therefore offer an external perspective, should allow the participants to systematically discuss the individually perceived challenges with others and to mutually encourage each other over a foreseeable period of time in the respective steps to be taken.

The topics to be worked on are introduced by the participants themselves according to their individual needs. Possible topics could include, for example, the following issues:

  •   Reflection on one's own career path, professional goals, ways to achieve them
  •   Development and expansion of the professional network
  •   Own financing (e.g. of projects, positions)
  •   Acting in international contexts
  •   Personal issues (e.g. motivation, limits, dealing with challenges)
  •   Strategies for combining a career in research with family life


  •     Application: 17 October until 7 November 2022 (!)
  •     Kick-off event: 16 and 23 November 2022
  •     Mentoring work phase: November 2022 to July 2023
  •     Interim reflection on collaboration: January 2023
  •     Final workshop: July 2023

After a call and application phase, the peer mentoring program starts in November with a kick-off event. During this event, participants get to know each other over the course of two half days, receive further information about the mentoring program (including conversation techniques and recommendations for group work), form peer groups, and agree on a suitable working method within each group.

During the fellowing mentoring work phase the groups organize themselves independently. An interim reflection on the cooperation within the groups is integrated for January in order to adjust the working style as needed. At the end of the program period in July, a final workshop is held with all participants for reflection within and between the groups as well as with the WIN team.

During the whole program, the participants are accompanied by the WIN team and, if required, by external coaches.

Benefits for Mentees

  • Reassurance about own goals, potentials and options for action;
    Orientation and support in important decision-making processes
  • Feedback, suggestions and encouragement from the group
  • Targeted and at the same time confidential exchange in a small group of people at eye level and independent of everyday contexts
  • Intensity, scope and type of meetings tailored to the group members' own needs, over a foreseeable period of time (1 year)
  •  Accompaniment of the program by the WIN: offer of working methods and conversation techniques for the group work, if necessary coaching offer for the groups

Requirements for Participants

  • Connection to the Universität Regensburg:
    Doctoral project, postdoc or other research project at UR.
  • Willingness to reflect on own role and to further develop personal and professional career portfolio in exchange with others
  • Readiness to engage with the perspectives of others and to provide feedback
  • Self-commitment to adhere to the rules of cooperation agreed upon in the group, as well as to confidentiality and appreciation
  • Willingness to participate in the kick-off meeting and to contribute continuously throughout the program (winter semester 2022-23 and summer semester 2023) as agreed upon in the group

Group formation and agreement in the group are contents of the kick-off meeting. It is therefore essential that all mentees participate fully in this meeting.

Postdoc Peer Mentoring

A program at WIN for postdocs in the beginning phase