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Animal Welfare Officer

The animal welfare officer is the contact person regarding animal welfare for members of staff of the university (including university hospital), who deal with animal experiments, breeding and animal husbandry. He is also the contact for the regulatory and inspecting authorities.

The animal welfare officer is legally obligated to ensure compliance with rules, terms and conditions regarding animal welfare, to advise the institution and its staff on animal handling in accordance with the animal protection law and to work towards the 3R principle. Furthermore, he is obliged to give a written statement on an application for a licence for animal experiments.

Duties and position of the animal welfare officer are provided by the animal protection law (§ 10 Tierschutzgesetz) and implemented by the general administrative regulation on the animal protection law. The current animal protection law can be found on the internet (https://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/tierschg/index.html).

Animal welfare officers of the University of Regensburg:

Animal welfare officer

Hospital, BLD D2, R 3.02
Telephone 0941 944-6457
Facsimile 0941 944-5373
E-mail thilo.spruss@ur.de
Consultations by appointment


Dr E Adamek

Dr M Rihm


Central Animal Laboratories

Veterinary Service


Hospital, BLD D2, R 3.01
Telephone 0941 944-6458
Facsimile 0941 944-5373
Office hours:
Mon-Thu 7-12 & 13-15
Fri 7-11