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Research Association “East-West Transfers”: Processes of interlacing and transfer in political, social, economic and cultural spaces

The Research Association "East-West Transfers" brings mutual relations, exchange processes and linkages between the "East" and "West" in both the past and present to the center. This shall contribute to raising awareness about the interdependent nature of the modern world and to overcome thinking in exclusively national and regional patterns. At the same time self-conceptions and self-imaginations as "East" and "West" are to be deconstructed by emphasizing the interrelatedness and reciprocity of both spaces.

Researchers from various disciplines and faculties of the University of Regensburg and the Research Center East and Southeast Europe Regensburg all take part in the Research Association. They share an interest in transnational and comparative perspectives. The aim of the association is a problem-oriented collaboration in research and teaching to bring together different kinds of methodological, regional and scientific expertise in a productive manner. In particular, it is about the entanglement of academic expertise in the areas of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, Western Europe and North America at the research site of Regensburg.


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