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The alliance „Real Estate and Capital Markets“ explores the basic causal relationships between Real Estate and Capital Markets an their respective regulatory framework. The concept provides for analysing individual market and regulation elements with respect to the respective subject in order to be able to consider the individual partial aspects to the focus of an interdisciplinary analysis. From an economic perspective, it is, for example, the mechanisms of the value added of real estate investments and their impact on the overall economy. Of importance are also the problems of design and operation of financing and investment vehicles and the forecast of investment risk and market developments. This includes questions like the design of the accounts of banks, insurance and real estate companies as well as the taxation of real estate and financial market products. By contrast, of jurisprudential scientific interest are the questions of the regulatory framework for financial and property markets. In a narrow sense, this relates to issues such as the design of the REIT or the Investment Law or legal aspects of regulation of real estate and financial markets. In further consideration the impact of legal regulations on investment behaviour and the conditions of investment security should be investigated.

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Alliance "Real Estate and Capital Markets"



Prof. Dr. Steffen Sebastian
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kühling, LL.M.