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Dr. Juliette Huber




MA student, University of Zurich (Switzerland)

Major: General Linguistics; minors: English Linguistics and Computational Linguistics


Doctoral student, Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (Netherlands)


Promotion to PhD, Leiden University (Netherlands)

Thesis: “A grammar of Makalero: A Papuan language of East Timor”


Postdoctoral Researcher, Lund University (Sweden)

Part of the ERC (European Research Council) project "Landscape, Cognition and Language: Understanding cross-cultural and and individual variation in geographical ontology"


Postdoctoral research development fellow, University of Newcastle (Australia)

Endangered Languages Documentation, Theory and Application group


Assistant professor, University of Regensburg

Department of General and Comparative Linguistics


Lecturer, University of Regensburg

Department of General and Comparative Linguistics


Visiting fellow, KITLV (Royal Netherlands of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies; Leiden, Netherlands)


Lecturer, University of Regensburg

Department of General and Comparative Linguistics



  • Papuan languages of Timor, Alor and Pantar
  • Languages of Eastern Indonesia and Papua
  • Space in Language: locatives and place nouns
  • Toponymy
  • Historical linguistics
  • Contribution of linguistics to our knowledge of (pre-)history
  • Linguistic fieldwork



in prep.:Huber, Juliette. Proto-Eastern-Timor.

in prep.:Huber, Juliette and Antoinette Schapper. Homelands and dispersals in eastern Timor: A study of place name etymologies.

in prep.: Huber, Juliette. Paired places: Form and function of place names in Makalero ritual speech.

submitted:Huber, Juliette. Natural locations and the distinction between ‘what’ and ‘where’ concepts: Evidence from differential locative marking in Makalero. (To appear in Linguistics.)

submitted:Huber, Juliette. Comparative sketch of Makalero and Makasae. Invited contribution to appear in: The Papuan languages of Timor, Alor, and Pantar: Sketch grammars Vol. 2, ed. by Antoinette Schapper. Berlin: De Gruyter.

2014:Huber, Juliette and Antoinette Schapper. The relationship between aspect and universal quantification: Evidence from three Papuan languages of Timor and Alor. In: Number and quantity in East Nusantara: Papers from 12-ICAL, Volume 1, ed. by Marian Klamer and František Kratochvíl. Canberra: Asia-Pacific Linguistics.

2014:Schapper, Antoinette, Juliette Huber and Aone van Engelenhoven. The relatedness of Timor-Kisar and Alor-Pantar languages: A preliminary demonstration. In: Alor-Pantar languages: History, lexicon and typology, ed. by Marian Klamer. Berlin: Language Science Press.

2014:Huber, Juliette. Landscape in East Timor Papuan. Language Sciences 41: 175-196.

2012:Schapper, Antoinette, Juliette Huber and Aone van Engelenhoven. The historical relation of the Papuan languages of Timor and Kisar. Language and Linguistics in Melanesia Special Issue 2012: 194-242.

2012:Schapper, Antoinette and Juliette Huber. State-of-the-art in the documentation of the Papuan languages of Timor, Alor, Pantar and Kisar”. Wacana, Journal of the Humanities of Indonesia 14(2): 370-404.

2011:Huber, Juliette. A grammar of Makalero: A Papuan language of East Timor. Leiden University. LOT dissertation series 279. Utrecht: LOT (Netherlands National Graduate School of Linguistics).

2008:Huber, Juliette. Preliminary remarks about object-marking in Makalero. Linguistics in the Netherlands 2008. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 87-96.
2008Huber, Juliette. First steps towards a grammar of Makasae: A language of East Timor. München: LINCOM.



  • Introduction to morphology and syntax
  • Introduction to scientific research skills
  • Pidgin and creole languages
  • Bahasa Indonesia linguistic structure (parts 1 and 2)

  1. Fakultät für Sprach-, Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaften
  2. Institut für Information und Medien, Sprache und Kultur (I:IMSK)

Allg. und Vergl. Sprachwissenschaft

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Dr. Juliette Huber


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