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Incoming ERASMUS Students

Incoming students from Bolzano can integrate courses taught in Regensburg in their study plan for the study programme Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering they are enrolled in at FUB. At the University Regensburg there is no "classical" study programme Computer Science, but several application oriented related disciplines: information science, media informatics, bio informatics, business informatics, and computational science. For that reason, it is a bit tricky to find out which courses fit into the FUB curriculum while studying in Regensburg. For your convenience, we have compiled a list that helps you find the correct courses.

For any remaining questions, just contact us - there is a solution for almost any question one can think of.

Overview of Courses in Regensburg for Students of Computer Science at FUB

Course at FUB

Semester Credit Points Corresponding Courses at UNIR
Databases 3 8

Datenbanksysteme (no courses available in Summer 2022)

Multimediale Informationssysteme und Datenbanken (no courses available in Summer 2022)

German 3 8 Studienbegleitende Deutschkurse
Advanced Programming 3 8

Einführung in die Anwendungsprogrammierung

Discrete Mathemathics and Logics 3 8

Mathematische Grundlagen (no courses available in Summer 2022)

Informationssysteme (no courses available in Summer 2022)

Mathematical Methods for Empirical Science 3 8 Analysis II für Physiker
Operating Systems 3 8 Internships always possible
Distributed Systems 4 8 Internships always possible
Empirical Methods 4 8 Survey- und Experimentdesign
Software Engineering 4 8

Software Engineering I (no courses available in Summer 2022)

Software Engineering II

Programming Paradigms 4 6

Algorithmen, Datenstrukturen und Programmierung

Informationssysteme (no courses available in Summer 2022)

Formal Languages and Compilers 5 8 Internships always possible
Internet and Mobile Services 5 8 Internships always possible
Intelligent Systems 5 6
Presentation, Communication and Scientific Writing 6 3 Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten (no courses available in Summer 2022)
Project and Team Work Management 6 3 IT-Projektmanagement (no courses available in Summer 2022)
Information Security 6 8

IT-Security I (no courses available in Summer 2022)

IT-Security II

The academic calendar for Regensburg can be found here. Exam dates are regularly either in the last session of a course or in the periods between the semesters. Usually exams are written in between the 2-4 weeks after lecture period has ended. The fixed date will be published in the course or on the website. Normally, attendance to courses is not mandatory. Exceptions may apply depending on the lecturer.

  1. Fakultät für Sprach-, Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaften
  2. Institut für Information und Medien, Sprache und Kultur (I:IMSK)

Study Abroad in Regensburg

Der Haidplatz in der Regensburger Altstadt
Haidplatz in Regensburg