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A university of short distances

All university facilities are located on the 150 hectare green campus at the southern edge of the Old Town.

Maps of the Campus of Universität Regensburg

The University Library is made up of one main complex and branch libraries within the faculties. The resources are organized under an online catalogue. The reference holdings of the university library are available in the reading rooms, the closed stack holdings can be checked out and taken home, books can also be ordered from other universities through interlibrary loan. The library also offers print and audio media digitalization and a publication server.

As the authorised service and competence centre on campus, the Computer Centre provides teaching and research with assistance in communication and information technology. It operates the data network on campus and manages the resident hall internet connections within the periphery. The Computer Centre provides students with free computer work spaces in computer rooms, which are equipped with the latest software products, as well as a number of special work spaces for multimedia applications and a laptop loan service.

Disability Support: The university's facilities aim to promote equality for disabled and chronically ill students. The buildings on campus are easily accessible; there are also rooms in student halls for students with disabilities. The Computer Centre and the library provide special facilities for visually impaired students.

Representatives of the university and of Student Services take care of the special interests of chronically ill or disabled students.


A Family-Friendly Campus
The university's Family Service aims to improve the conditions for students with children. It helps to find childcare facilities, gives legal information, financial aid and supports the exchange between parents at the university. It organizes activities for children during school holidays, flexible childcare on campus, a Parents-Child Office, a "Granny Nanny" agency as well as babysitter training and placement.

Student Services oversee food and drink, housing, student grants, culture as well as information and advice on studying.

Our Career Services help students find work placements or entry-level job opportunities.

The campus has various cafeterias, a central refectory and a pizzeria. Small shops cater for the basic needs: a stationery store, a copy shop, a computer and telecommunications shop, a travel agency, a bank and a grocery store.

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