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The Regensburg campus does not only offer various cultural events, but also extraordinary opportunities to take part in them, which allows students to develop their talents outside their regular studies. A unique range of music is performed to a very high standard by four classical orchestras, three big bands, several more jazz ensembles, six choirs and various student chamber ensembles.

At the university's theatre, supported by Student Services, around 15 student ensembles perform theatre classics and special highlights – in German, English and Russian – as well as in-house productions, pantomime, martial arts, dance and improv theatre, musicals and performance projects. Last year's outcome: 37 productions, 97 performances and an audience of around 10,000 people. Universität Regensburg also has its own stage which is special and nearly unique: Regensburg and Kiel are the only German-speaking universities that own a theatre that is independently operated, equipped with professional event technology including a sound and film studio. The fully functional theatre with a gridiron and a flying system has everything the artist's heart could wish for.

As co-operation partners Universität Regensburg and Student Services give students the opportunity to fulfil and to live up to their creative potential.

Rechte Spalte Kultur

kultUR – campus creativ
is the new brand that represents all cultural activities on campus.

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