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Last but not least, the attractiveness of the University is enhanced by the appeal of the city itself. In 2006, the "Old town of Regensburg with Stadtamhof" was inscribed on the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites. This distinction recognizes the remarkably well-preserved medieval town centre of Regensburg as well as the city's historical significance as a European centre, strategically and conveniently located at a major intersection of continental long-distance trade routes. There is no other town in Central Europe that testifies to major political, economical and religious developments of the High Middle Ages as exceptionally as Regensburg with its historical authentic architecture.

The old town of Regensburg is a unique mixture of historical heritage and bustling city life. The halls of residence in a medieval store-house and in a patrician tower are especially charming. Today Regensburg with its historic sites, which bear testimony of the European dimension of the about 2000-year old history, is a pulsating city. This is not least due to the close ties of the university with the social and economic life of the city, the establishment of renowned industrial and technological firms as well as the students of three institutions of higher education in Regensburg.

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