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Questions about Rooms and Accommodation

Student residences

Exchange students can apply for a room in a student residence through the online-application portal for exchange students. The International Office is usually able to find a room for all exchange students as long as they have applied within the official application deadlines.

Students who apply after the application deadline, often have to look for a room on their own. This is also the case for students who do not stay for a full lecture period but come as short term students.

Information for the private room search!

Boadcast licence information for tenants

The broadcast licence works like a tax which everyone has to pay regardless whether you live in a student residence or in a private appartment. Every household is charged with a flat rate of about 18 Euro per month for all technical devices that are able to receive the programs provided by public-law broadcasting service (ARD, ZDF etc.). The regulation does not differentiate between the number of technical devices the household possesses or whether these devices are used to received the public-law programs.

Online tutorials in German and English on the registration process can be found in our

media library


Data protection and data processing

The International Office works closely together with several housing organizations. With one of them, the Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz, we have entered a special agreement for data processing. Further information can be found here (Please note that this information in only available in German).

Where will I live?

If along with your application for admission, you have sent us an application for a student residence room, the International Office can reserve a room for you.

Amberger-stadel Innenansicht 9Some student residences allocate a certain quota of rooms for exchange students, however under the condition that the rent is payed for a full year, that is twelve months. Exchange students stay in Regensburg normally for only 10, 5, or even 4 months. To keep your financial costs relatively low, we offer a room booking service for which you only pay rent for the months you actually live in the room. The room booking fee which is non-refundable.

Exchange students must be able to cover the following costs to reserve a room:

  • €350, deposit (refundable after move-out)
  • €165, room booking fee (non-refundable)

The advantage of this system is that exchange students pay rent only for the months during which they actually live in the room. However, note that the rooms must be rented during the winter semester at least from October to February, during summer semester at least from April to July, and for the whole year at least from October to July.

Please note:

Your reservation is only valid if you send us your letter of acceptance and pay the deposit and room booking fee by the deadline!

Currently, we cannot guarantee that we receive enough rooms in student residences for all exchange students. In case we cannot reserve a room for you, you will receive many useful hints and ideas on how to find a room on the private market.

My address in Regensburg?

The International Office has reserved a room for you in Regensburg. Due to organisational reasons, we can only inform you of the exact address of your room (student residence, room number) upon arrival.

What do the rooms look like?

What do the rooms look like?

L-thoma Doppelzimmer 5The International Office can reserve a certain quota of rooms in different student residences in Regensburg. Not all rooms are alike. Not all have their own shower nor are they all located near the university. However, we can assure you that they are provided with standard furnishings. The IO will distribute the reserved rooms randomly. Especial wishes can only be taken into account under certain well-grounded circumstances. Both men and women live in the student residences.

You will share kitchen and bathroom with men and women. Most rooms cost between €250 and €350 per month.

The rooms normally are furnished with:

  • bed, desk and chair, cupboard and bookshelf

Linens, duvet, and cushions, can usually be rented.

Voltage is 220V.

The rent does not include food. The student residences do not have a cafeteria and offer no food.

Vacating the Rooms

Please note:
Due to organisational reasons students will have to move out of their dormitory
rooms a few days before the end of a month. The IO and the domitory‘s administration need time to prepare the rooms for the next students (cleaning/
The exact move-out dates will be announced via email in May and November.

Where can I wash my clothes?

There are washing machines and dryers at the student residences. There are no irons.

Where can I cook?

Normally there are common kitchens at the student residences. You may share this kitchen with 6-12 other students. A shelf in the refrigerator is assigned for each student.

You must bring or purchase the following:

  • cooking utensiles, for example pots and pans
  • dishes and cutlery

A basic set costs around €50. Pots, dishes, and cutlery can be bought at any big supermarket or department store.

Where can I eat?

Image Mensa As _5_Students can either cook themselves or eat at the university dining hall (Mensa). During the week you can eat lunch at the UR Mensa. The Mensa of the University of Applied Sciences (OTH Regensburg), which is not far from the campus, also offers evening meals. You can also get breakfast at the many cafeterias located in the different buildings. You do not need any meal vouchers if you want to eat at the Mensa. You pay with the "UR-Card", which is also your student ID.

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