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Transcript of Records

What is a transcript of records?

All courses that you take and for which you perform work during your stay at the University of Regensburg are listed on the transcript of records.

The number of ECTS points is also recorded on the transcript of records along with the title, number of hours, and grade. From this, your home university can figure out the amount of work you did for the respective course and the number of credits with which your academic performance is recognized.

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How do I receive a transcript of records?

Shortly after the beginning of the semester you will fill out a so-called Belegbogen, which is a course record sheet. In this form you will write in all the courses that you are taking during the semester (sample course record sheet). The deadline for completing the course record sheet will be given to you during the orientation course before the beginning of the semester.

Pressestelle Imgp8478At the end of the semester you will receive a so-called Schein with a grade and number of credits for the courses in which you performed work. Please give a copy of the original Schein to the International Office before departing Regensburg. In case the Schein has not yet been made out at the time of your departure, please emphasize to your instructors that they should send the Schein to the International Office. The International Office will then send you the transcript and the original Schein as soon as the transcript of records is complete. 

For questions concerning the transcript of records, please contact our student assistants, Romy Schwenkert and Uli Feuchtinger.

All forms are available on our download section.

Please pay attention: by all means let the IO know before your departure if you in fact did not complete some of the courses that were in your course record sheet! Otherwise the course record sheet will be held up by that Schein—and you will have to wait a long time for your transcript!  

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